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This society that we live in,
Our time,
leaves us perplexed;
Needing, wanting, raving, raging,
Letting ourselves go,
Pushing ourselves to the limit.
"When the Barbarians appear
on the frontiers of a civilization,
it is a sign of a crisis in that civilization.
If the Barbarians come
Not with weapons of war
But with icons of peace
it is a sign
that the crisis is one of a spiritual nature.
(Lawerence Lipton)
My inspiration in life is Transcendence.
in my eyes
should express transcending beauty
The beauty in Silence and Integrity
The beauty in pure expression of form and principle;
Can be translated into geometries
and juxtapositions that radiate.

Synopsis of my work . . .

I started out with copper/brass sculpture, interested in expressing the power of beauty in simple geometries as a basis, especially the dynamics of the equilateral triangle and tetrahedron; the first shape and solid. The glass began as short pedestals for my metal work and soon became bigger and eventually into their own monolithic structures: solid - holographic - radiant. Newer pieces are more multi-media with glass and metal and other materials.

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